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What if we had church without religion?  What if the purpose of church wasn’t indoctrination, but was a place where people discover and grow in their faith in God as He led them?  What if you could honestly and truly come to church as you are?  These are questions that birthed Discover Faith Church.

We are a new church in the Platt Park area of Denver, Colorado.  Our mission is to be a safe place for people to discover faith in God and then live by it.  Our weekly worship service consists of engaging music and honest, intelligent teaching from the scriptures.  Our congregation reflects the diverse culture of Denver and is welcoming to everyone. 

Children and family ministries are a big part of our church.  Kids have fun at Discover Faith, but also learn how to choose faith in God for their own lives.  Rather than teaching kids about a far away God who will sit in judgment, they are taught that God will walk through this life with them.    

One of the big ideas at Discover Faith is that our faith is both intangible and tangible.  It starts in our hearts but makes its way into our lives.  We believe in helping those in need and consider ourselves a “Go” church.  We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty.  That can look like working together to feeding the homeless or pooling our resources to help a single mom get back on her feet or helping children around the world in imminent danger.

Whether you are a long time church goer, one who attended in the past, or someone who has never stepped through the doors of a church in your life, you will feel welcome at Discover Faith.